I am a professionally trained makeup artist with a degree in Specialist Hair and Media Makeup and in November 2018 I attended Creative Media Skills' 4 Week FX and Prosthetics training course; Learning many valuable tips and tricks from industry professionals such as Chris Fitzpatrick, Danny Marie Elias and Satinder Chumber. 

This course gave me the opportunity to improve on my current skills which include: Lifecasting, Sculpting, Moulding, Applying Silicone Prosthetics to the face, neck and body, Bleeding and Tubing Prosthetics, Bald Caps, Hair Wrapping, Laying on Facial Hair, Cuts and Bruising.    

When it comes to make up I love to experiment; especially with different designs and colours. I also love designing new looks and developing new ideas and to see them come to life is truly inspiring. I am a big fan of fantasy films and I often turn to them for inspiration.I love the beauty of makeup. I love how it can transform someone's face and or body.  With the right colours and shading you can make anyone feel beautiful even if they don't believe it themselves.

During 2020 I learned that I am resourceful and always seeking new ways to create and gain knowledge. I made the most of my spare time in lockdown by attending Zoom sessions and online courses to keep up to date with the new post COVID-19 regulations and to understand the changes that have been made both in the Makeup Trailers and on set. Furthermore, I kept my creativity flowing by sculpting and moulding prosthetics, designing SFX makeup and experimenting with hairstyles.