As a Makeup Artist Hairstyling is essential. This page is dedicated to all thing’s hair! Below are some select images of the Hairstyling I have created and further down this page I talk about the wigs I have styled. 

Afro/Textured Hairstyling

Hairstyling completed on my 3 day Afro Hairstyling course at Kevin Fortune Hairstyling Academy. 

Avant Garde Hair Pieces

Hair pieces made out of synthetic hair that has been braided, ironed and backcombed to make the desired look. The first two images are from my Alexander McQueen project, where I took inspiration from his love of birds and skulls to create a birds nest of skulls out of hair and inspired the makeup from birds taking flight. 

The third image is taken from my final major project where I created my own interpritation of the fairytale character Rapunzel. I created a headpiece that gave the illusion of very long hair and weaved purple into the braids to break up the blonde and incorporate the dress. 

Photo-Shoot Hairstyling

As a Makeup Artist I am often employed to style the hair as well as create beautiful makeup. Below are some select images of my favorite hairstyles I created for Photo-shoots. 

Wig Making and Styling

Below are images of the wig styles I created at University as well as some final looks. I styled and blocked all wigs myself. The last picture is an image of the final look I created for my wig making module where I made the moustache from scratch using the knotting technique.