Special Effects/Prosthetic Makeup

Below are images of the work I've done in Special effects and Prosthetic makeup. I have also included behind the scenes images and videos from each project and a brief description of the designs I created.

Bear Attack

In the last week of my 4 week FX and Prosthetics course we sculpted wounds to be attached to a bleeding rig. During this week we learned how to make bladders for bleeding prosthetics and how to hide and attach the tubing to create a functioning bleeding wound. Photogarphs of the stages can be seen above and below.

Bald Cap

In November 2018 I attended Creative Media Skills' 4 week FX and Prosthetics training course to improve on my current skills. In my third week the very talented Danny Marie Elias taught us how to wrap long hair for a bald cap. 


Above are images from my Final University Project where I created my own interpretation of the fairy tale character Rumpelstiltskin. For this project I sculpted a forehead prosthetic piece from scratch then applied it to the model for this photo-shoot.

Below are behind the scenes images of the clay sculpt and me applying the piece.

I also created the fairy tale character Rapunzel as a part of this project. Take a look at my Editorial and Media page to view my Rapunzel photos and the video I created for this project.

Special Effects Makeup

Professionally photographed images from the Asylum experience, where I provided special effects makeup on these three models. For more information about this project, take a look at the behind the scenes video I've attached below. 


A University assessment where I designed and created a mythical creature of my choice. Deciding to base my project on a dragon I set out to make a forehead, nose and ear pieces which I sculpted from the lifecast I took of the model. 

Above you can see the final images of the Dragon I designed and below I have added pictures of my sculpts before their transformation into silicone pieces.