Four Deaf Yorkshiremen's Takeaway - BSL Zone

Behind the Scenes images from the Jeff and Mutt production created for BSL Zone and broadcast on Together TV in 2022. 




It Could Happen To You - Short Film

Behind the scenes images and stills from the short film "It Could Happen To You" Directed by Rick Sims. Film released May 2021.

Defenders Eternal - Short Film

A short film by Apotheosis Productions, based on Norse Mythology. This film follows the battle of Ragnarok. 

Below are some behind the scenes images taken on location in the North York Moors. My main role was to attach and operate blood rigs for the action scenes but I also created the Hair and Makeup for the Valkyries, seen below. 

This film is in late production. 

Past Transgressions - Student Film

A short film project focusing on mental health, greif, life and death. Below are some behind the scenes images from the car crash scene where I created the cuts using Sculpt Gel and filled them with fake glass and blood. 

Tooth Fairy 2.0: The Queen of Halloween

A short YouTube film created by channel: Pat Bastard and the Spurious 5. 

I used greace paints to re-create the Tooth Fairy look which the channel first debued several years prior.  Below you will find a link to the film.